Samsung UN65F9000 Review : Samsung UHDTV with an economical price.

by on July 27, 2013

If you are fanatic with Samsung products especially LED TV, certainly UN65F9000 is that you waited. Samsung UN65F9000 is the first Samsung UHD TV 4K screen resolution with an economical price. So what are the features and the advantages of this Samsung 65 inch UHD TV? Please read my writing about Samsung UN65F9000 review below, who knows you are interest with this UHD TV. On 2013, previously Samsung has released their 4K UHD TV including UHD S9 with 85” screen size. But with its price that very expensive, surely you will rethink to buy it. For allowing their customers to enjoy 4K TV, finally they release their UHD TV with an affordable price. You need to know, for helping you to get this UHD TV with the lower price previously I have decided to do some search to find the best merchant that sells it with the lower price. So if you want to buy it, you don’t need to waste your valuable time to search again the merchant that sell it with the best price.

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Samsung UN65F9000 Review : 3D 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV with Samsung Quad Matic Picture Engine, Precision Black Local Diming, and Brilliant Design.

Samsung UN65F9000  Review

Samsung UN65F9000 comes with four times the resolution of 1080p HDTV that offers the vivid and crystal clear picture quality. For displaying 4K resolution, this Samsung UHD TV is supported by Samsung’s Quad Matic Picture Engine, the highest Samsung LED TV Technology that allows you to get new experiences   in enjoying movies, games, sports, TV show and more in high level quality UHD TV that may you never see before. To minimize blur when displaying fast moving images, UN65F9000 features 1200 Clear Motion Rate, the highest level of motion clarity for 2013 Samsung LED TV. If you don’t know about Clear Motion Rate yet, Clear Motion Rate is the parameter that used by Samsung to measures the motion clarity of their LED or LCD TV. It is affected by three factor measurement including image processor speed, frame refresh rate, and backlight technology. Still about the features that improve the images quality, Samsung UN65F9000 features Micro dimming Ultimate that allows you to see the crystal clear images with more vivid detail, realistic and accurate color reproduction. Additionally, to improve the black levels and contrast, this Samsung UHD TV is supported by Precision Black local dimming.

For allowing you to enjoy home entertainment, Samsung UN65F9000 series features Samsung Smart TV 2.0. Its smart features are the same with the smart features of Samsung F8000 series. It is also supported by Quad core processor that process smart apps faster.  Not only that, UN65F9000 also features S-Recommendations, Full Web Browser, Smart Interaction, Smart Evolution, and much more.  Except with 65 Inch screen size, Samsung F900 series also arrives with 55 inch Screen size on Samsung UN55F9000

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Samsung UN65F9000 Review by End USer

What are the people talking about the performance of UN65F9000? At this day, when I wrote this review, there are not yet the people who have written about Samsung UN65F9000 Review at some merchants that sells this high entry Samsung 65 Inch LED TV. But if we look the great name of Samsung, surely we don’t need to worry about its performance and images quality. So if you are searching the best UHD TV for your home, don’t ever hesitate to consider it as you your choice. In the future day, surely there are people who will write a review about this Samsung UHD TV. So if you want to read directly their opinion about UN65F900, please click here to read Samsung UN65F9000 Review from the people who have purchased and enjoyed this Samsung 4K UHD TV.

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