Samsung UN65F6400 vs Samsung UN65F7100 Review

by on April 16, 2013

Samsung UN65F400 and UN65F7100 are the same 65 inch 3D LED Smart TV that has released in 2013 and already supported by Dual Core Processor. Their features and specifications are almost the same, but surely Samsung UN65F7100 is more superior to its lower series.  So what are the differences between them? To know a lot about that, please read my Samsung UN65F6400 or Samsung UN65F7100 Review below, who knows one of them is suitable with your criteria in searching the best 65 Inch 3D LED Smart TV for your room.  And to facilitate you to buy one of them, previously I have decided to do some search to find the best place that sells this Samsung 3D LED TV with the lower price than other places.

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Samsung UN65F6400 Review

Samsung UN65F6400 Review

Samsung UN65F6400 is the cheapest 65 inch 2013 Samsung LED smart TV that already support 3D mode.  It is already supported by Dual core processor that allows this 65 Inch LED TV to process its smart features faster.  The mainstay smart features of UN65F6400 are Smart Hub, S recommendation and Full web browser. To support its video quality, Samsung UN65F6400 features Clear Motion Rate 480, Wide Enhance Color Plus, Echo Sensor, Samsung Active 3D, Micro Dimming technology, and much more.  With Clear Motion Rate 480, F6400 capable to display fast moving images such as games, sport, or fast action movie in depth contrast, clarity, and sharpness without lag or blur.  Samsung active 3D is the feature that allows you to watch your 2D HD movies in 3D mode by 2D to 3D converter. On the whole, Samsung UN65F6400 is the one of the best 3D LED Smart TV that ever released.

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Samsung UN65F7100 Review

Samsung UN65F7100 Review

One level above UN65F6400, Samsung F7100 arrives with capabilities more than F6400 series.  If we talk about their smart features, they are the same. But even so, UN65F7100 has design thinner and lighter than F6400. It is designed with an Ultra Slim design that has a thickness only 1.2 inches. The other differences between UN65F7100 and its lower series are their Clear Motion Rate. If Clear Motion Rate of F6400 is 480, Samsung UN65F7100 features Clear Motion 720, so the picture that is displayed by UN65F7100 is more perfect than UN65F6400, especially for watching sports and fast action movies. And in its buying package, you will get 4 pairs 3D glasses while UN65F6400 only includes 2 pair of 3D Glass.

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Samsung UN65F6400 vs Samsung UN65F7100 Comparison Table




Clear Motion Rate




Slim Design

Ultra Slim Design

3D Glasses included

2 pairs

4 pairs


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 Note: Except on the table, their features and specifications are the same

Samsung UN65F6400 vs Samsung UN65F7100 Review by customer

According to some merchants that sell these 65 inch Samsung LED TV, the people who have written about the Samsung UN65F6400 Review and people who have written about Samsung UN65F7100 Review are very satisfied with each of their performance. So if you want to buy one of them, you don’t need to worry about its performance and quality. Why is that? Because we all know that Samsung is one of the leading LED TV manufactures in the world that releases high quality and performance LED Smart TV with more innovation. Which one that suitable with your criteria? For more convincing about their performance, please click here to read Samsung UN65F6400 Review or Click here to read Samsung UN65F7100 Review from the people who have bought and used one of them.

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