Samsung UN60EH6000 vs Samsung UN60ES6100

by on July 12, 2014

Do you want to buy 60 inch LED TV and confuse to choose one of the best LED TV for your room? I have 2 suggestions for you that are Samsung UN60EH6000 and Samsung UN60ES6100. Samsung EH6000 and ES6100 have many similarities. Surely they also have the differences. And the question, what are the differences between them? I will write their differences below, so I hope that can help you to know a lot about the excesses and weakness of the one than the other. And for you who want to get one of them with the lower price, you don’t need to worry because previously I also have decided to search the best place that offers you with the low price than other place, and now I will share my finding for you, so you don’t need to waste your valuable time to find again the best place that sell Samsung UN60EH6000 or Samsung UN60ES6100 with the lower price. So, where is it?

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The Differences between Samsung UN60EH6000 and Samsung UN60ES6100

Samsung UN60EH6000

Samsung UN60EH6000 and UN60ES6100 is 60 Inch Samsung LED TV with 1080p full HD and 240 Clear Motion Rate. The pictures that be produced by each of them is the same sharp, smooth and clear. Supported by the latest LED-Lit technology by Samsung, you will be brought to get the new experience to watch movies on your large screen TV with amazing image. With Wide color Enhancer place, the image that be produced is more perfect. The main obstacle of thin LED TV is audio problem. With their thickness, surely that is very difficult to improve the sound quality of a LED TV. But that is not applicable for UN60EH6000 or ES6100 because they feature SRS HD, the technology that is designed to improve the sound quality of thin LED TV. But if you are still not satisfied with their audio quality, you can improve their HD Audio on to your home theater system. So, combination between UN60ES6100 and UN60EH6000 with HD home theater system will present the spectacle cinema on your own home.

Samsung UN60ES6100


Besides having the equation, surely they also have the differences.  The base of differences between Samsung UN60ES6100 and Samsung UN60EH6000 is that UN60ES6100 already supports smart TV while UN60EH6000 not yet supports Smart TV. The other difference between them is on their design. UN60ES6100 is slim TV design while UN60EH6000 is not yet. Like the other smart TV, Samsung UN60ES6100 is features application such as Samsung Signature Service, direct play from YouTube, Netflix or from other content provider, and much more applications.

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Samsung UN60EH6000 and Samsung UN60ES6100 Customer review

According on to some merchants that sell this LED TV, most of customers who have bought one of them are very satisfied with their performance. So to know customer reviews of one of them, please click here to read Samsung UN60EH6000 Review or click here to read Samsung UN60ES6100 Review from customers who have buy one of them.  So the question, which should you choose between them? Surely that is dependent with your needs. If you want to enjoy watching movies with smart TV features on your TV surely Samsung UN60ES6100 is your solution. But if you want only to watch movies without smart TV features or you already have other devices that support smart TV application such as home theater system, AV Receiver, Blu Ray and more devices, you may consider the Samsung UN60EH6000 as your choice.

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