Samsung UN55F7050 Review : What are the differences to UN55F7100?

by on November 5, 2013

Virtually, Samsung UN55F7050 is similar with UN55F7100. They are the same 55 Inch 3D LED TV that is released on 2013. So what are their differences and which one is better? To know more about their differences, you can read my writing about Samsung UN55F7050 review below, who knows one of them is suitable with your criteria in searching the best 55 inch 3D LED TV in class. You need to know, not all merchants sell this UN55F7050. There are not many merchants that sell this 55 Inch Samsung LED TV. For you who want to buy it, previously I have decided to do some search to find the merchants that sell this 55 Inch Samsung F7050 series, so I hope this can help you to save your valuable time to search again the merchant that sells it with the lower price.

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Samsung UN55F7050 Review : 55 Inch 3D LED Smart TV with Dual Core Processor and 720 of Clear Motion Rate

Samsung UN55F7050 Review

Samsung UN55F7050 comes with features that are not differences than UN55F7100. It also features Samsung Smart TV 2.0 as its platform with S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser that is supported by Dual Core Processor. And for facilitating you to connect this LED TV to the internet, it is equipped with built in Wi-Fi.

If we are talking about the picture that is produced by UN55F7050, there are no reasons to doubt its quality. With 720 of Clear Motion Rate, the fast moving images that produced by F7050 series is almost no blur. So you will feel comfort with its quality when watching sports, fast action movies, or playing games. Not only that, Samsung UN55F7050 features Micro Dimming Technology, the technology that enhanced and controls screen brightness. So with its features, it allows you to see the images with more brightness, deeper black and brighter white. Still about features that is enhanced its images quality, UN55F7050 also features Wide Enhancer Plus. With this feature, it allows you to see the pictures with more vivid color.  This may be more pronounced, especially if you are watching non high definition or older movies. And with Samsung Active 3D Technology, it allows you to watch 3 D images with amazing cinematic quality. Not only that, it also features 2D to 3D converter, you can enjoy your old 2D movies into 3D modes.

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So what are the differences if it is compared with Samsung UN55F7100? As mentioned above, technically there are no differences between them.  Their difference is only on wireless keyboard. If UN55F7050 is equipped with wireless keyboard while UN55F7100 without wireless keyboard.  Additionally, F7050 series is only sold at limited merchants.

Samsung UN55F7050 Review by End User

What are the people who have purchased it talking about the performance of Samsung UN55F7050? You need to know, according to some people who have written about Samsung UN55F7050 review at some merchants that sell it, most of them are satisfied with its performance.   So if you want to buy 55 Inch 3D Led TV with wireless keyboard in middle class, you can consider it as your choice.  Want to read directly what the people talking about it? Please click here to read Samsung UN55F7050 Review by the people who have purchased and used this Samsung 55 Inch F7050 series. Although when I write this review, there are not yet people who have written review about it, but with the passage of the time, surely there are people who will write about UN55F7050.

Which do you should choice? With a few differences and their differences price, I think UN55F7100 is the better choice.  Because wireless keyboard is not key equipment, you can buy it separately in future if you need it. Please click here to read Samsung UN55F7100 review.

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